Steel fabrication and construction is an aspect of construction that requires the involvement of qualified technical personnel. We have a team of technical personnel that have been involved in several steel works ranging from petroleum and gas pipeline fittings, duct work, industrial installations, vertical and horizontal storage tanks and industrial welding

The company’s management team consists of architects, engineering experts and administrators with proven track record in in the construction industry and project management. Our management team has led and successfully completed several projects in the past

Core Businesses

  • Petroleum Tank Farm Construction​
  • Civil Engineering​​
  • Liquid & Gas Pipeline Installation​​
  • Water Engineering​
  • Vegetable Oil Storage Facility​
  • Mechanical Engineering​
  • Factory Construction​
  • Architectural And Engineering Designs​


  • Civil Engineering​
  • Water Engineering​
  • Mechanical Engineering​
  • Facility Maintenance Services​
  • Architectural & Engineering Designs​​
  • Structural Steel Fabrication​


  • Carbon Steel Pipes​
  • Steel Plates​
  • Fire Fighting Equipment​
  • Instrumentation Equipment​

Success on all our projects is hinged on careful planning and control measures implemented before the commencement of each construction project. To date, we have ensured the full completion all past projects to exceed client expectations, thereby earning their trust.

We are aware of the gap between documentation and implementation with regard to continuous project assessment, especially when outcomes are unpredictable. Hence assist our clients in making sensible predictions and develop rational scenarios by jointly identifying several possible future outcomes and continuously monitoring project progress to completion.

All of our projects are holistic, such that they include administrative buildings, workshops, loading gantries and other ancillary structures, liquid or gas pipeline, storage tanks, firefighting equipment and metering systems.

Awartise Industrial Park

Awaritse Industrial Park is located in Obitugbo community, Koko, Delta State, Nigeria. The industrial park is promoted by Awaritse Nigeria Limited which operates majorly in the oil and gas industry. The park is soon to become an oil and gas free trade zone, as it has been proposed and the process is underway. Also, relevant authorities have been conducting scheduled visits to inspect the progress of the implementation of required standards in the industrial park. Furthermore, the location of the industrial park serves a strategic purpose, as it provides the absence of congestion currently experienced in the Apapa, Lagos sea port axis.

The facilities included in the industrial park are 135m long jetty which is 12m in width and a draft of 9m with a load capacity of 550tonnes, a dredged slot of 240m in length and 50m in width, twin warehouses, office building for administrative activities, a shipyard which is connected to interlinked roads for cargo traffic. This further increases the profitability and ease of doing business in the industrial park.

AOU Venture Limited is the only construction company that has successfully operated in the industrial park to build petroleum storage facilities and pipeline facilities. This is due to of strategic relationship with the community members, which has been mutually beneficial, by way of creating job opportunities for community members, thus improving their standard of living.